Vocabulary Worksheet Factory

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6.1

This app helps you improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory is an application especially designed to help enhance the student's English language skills, through a wide array of challenging tests and educational activities. If you are a teacher, this application will save you a lot of effort when you need to create tests from scratch. The program will give you an access to a large variety of worksheets to choose from for your pupils, and you are easily able to customize them by changing their title, their instructions, their helpful clues, and many other details.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will have no problem navigating through the menus in this application. When you launch the program for the first time, a welcome page will appear, in which you will be able to find quick tips and handy tutorials that will show you how to manage the application.

You will get to choose from dozens of worksheets which are divided into four main categories: Sentence, Text, Word List and Miscellaneous. Here are some examples of worksheets that you could use in your tests: Sentence Finishers, Missing Words, Spelling Quest, Multiple Choice, or Word Shapes. As soon as you select the test, you will be able to edit the worksheet according to your needs. You are also allowed to change the title and instructions, opt for another number of sentences, choose a different font, etc. Depending on which type of activity you select, you will also gain access to lists of words, or sentences from which to choose.

An advantage of using this program is the fact that it includes a handy utility called "Bad Word Filter," which enables you to select a list of words that you want to be hidden from your children's eyes.

Once you finish creating your customized worksheet, you can either export it as an image/PDF file or you can print it.

In conclusion, Vocabulary Worksheet Factory provides you a fast and easy way to create comprehensive language tests with varied content.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comes with Bad Word Filter
  • Access to dozens of activities and lists of words and sentences to use in your tests


  • Doesn't come with a spelling or grammar checker
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